SQL GRL AND REVOKE Data Control Language (DCL) Instructions

The language SQL (Structured Query Language) is a database language that allows you to access databases.

This language is used to access the main databases existing today such as SQL Server Microsoft or Oracle database, of course the syntax between these two databases may have some differences, but the basic commands are practically the same.


SQL Instruções DCL (Data Control Language) GRANT E REVOKE
SQL GRL AND REVOKE Data Control Language (DCL) Instructions

DCL Instructions (Data Control Language)

Data Control Language changes the permissions on the database. See usage examples:

SQL GRANT is a command used to provide users with access or privileges over database objects.

GRANT privilege_name
ON object_name
TO {user_name |PUBLIC |role_name}

The command REVOKE removes user access rights or privileges to database objects.

REVOKE privilege_name
ON object_name
FROM {user_name |PUBLIC |role_name}

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