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CEO is the English acronym for Chief Executive Officer, which means CEO in Portuguese. CEO is the person with greater authority at hierarchy operational performance of an organization. It is responsible for the strategies and for eyesight from the company.

Not all companies have a person in the position of CEO. In general, they all have a General Director, but the role of CEO is more used in large multinational companies, where a person with skills and competence is needed to be ahead of the organization as a whole.

Depending on the company, the CEO may also be the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Chairman of the Board). In this case, a person is appointed to the role of Chief Operating Officer (in English, COO – Chief Operating Officer).

Generally, the CEO is appointed according to his recognition in the company's market. A world-renowned CEO was Steve Jobs, responsible for bringing Apple's innovative products to market. In the case of the famous company Google, Larry Page assumes the role of CEO, being responsible for the company's technology strategy and new product development.

The term CEO is a foreign phrase increasingly used in business communications. It was introduced with globalization and with the need for someone responsible for the strategies and vision of large companies in the international market.

There are several English acronyms to designate the directors of different sectors of a company. They are called "CxO" (C of chief and O of officer), where x is the function designation, for example, "Chief Financial Officer” (CFO - Chief Financial Officer) and “Chief Operating Officer” (COO – Director of Operations).

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CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

Financial Director, is the professional who commands the company's administration and financial planning.

CIO (Chief Information Officer)

Director of Information Technology, is responsible for all information technology in a company.

CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)

Marketing Director, coordinates and manages all the company's Marketing actions.

COO (Chief Operating Officer)

Chief Operating Officer, he is the CEO's right-hand man and is responsible for closely looking after the company's business.

CTO (Chief Technical Officer)

Technical director, more present in IT companies and industries, directs technological and/or scientific actions.

CPO (Chief Product Officer)

Product Director, he directs the activities related to the organization's products, such as conception, design and production.

CHRO (Chief Human Resources Officer)

Human Resources Director, is the professional who directs actions aimed at managing people and, often, at the corporation's internal communication.

CCO (Chief Communications Officer)

Communications Director, he is the corporate communications leader and responsible for the company's relations with the press, customers and the community.

CLO (Chief Legal Officer)

Legal Director, he is responsible for legally protecting the company and must ensure that the company's strategies address legal issues.

CKO (Chief Knowledge Officer)

Knowledge Director, must manage the organization's intellectual capital and the professionals' knowledge in relation to the business.


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