Physical Security for Computational Equipment

Segurança Física para Equipamento Computacionais
Physical Security for Computer Equipment

Physical Security

The Physical Data Security is responsible for the security of the equipment that stores information, preventing the information from being unavailable.

Physical security is divided into:

  • Environmental Security
  • Physical Location
  • cabling
  • Fire Protection
  • Water
  • Electricity
  • Air conditioning
  • Raised Floor (mostly used in data centers)

Failing in some of the above items can cause problems leading to unavailability of information directly harming thousands of companies and users.

Physical Location

See below a video of a company that was not careful to observe the Physical Security as far as Physical Location.

Imagine the damage!!!


Besides being practically impossible to solve any problem in the middle of this mess, it runs a serious risk of fire.


Speaking of fire, check out this video for an excellent method of clean fire protection.

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