Script Code for Tracking Objects at the Post Office

Script Código para Rastreamento de Objetos nos Correios

Below is the Script for Tracking Objects posted at Correios.

You can enter this Object Tracking code on your website in order to give your customers the option of tracking posted objects without the need to access the post office site.

See the code in Operation

Enter the code in the field below to Track Object sent by mail

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  1. Thanks for sharing your code, just wanted to leave a suggestion, add onfocus=”this.value=”;”
    to clear an input text field by clicking

  2. I copied the code, put it inside a widget but it's giving an error. Is there anything else I need to do to make it work?

  3. It's really not working you know me tell me what the problem is see the error that comes out on the screen:
    Not Found
    The requested URL /pls/mails/txect01$.QueryList was not found on this server.

    Oracle-Application-Server-10g/ Oracle-HTTP-Server Server at ssvbr0120 Port 7777

    remembering that I copied the code directly, I didn't change anything.

  4. Hi,
    I put the tracking code on my blog. I saw a tip from a person to add the code onfocus=”this.value=”;” Put this in which place in the code already available?

    1. It took me a while, but I fixed the focus problem. Below is the complete code to copy and paste inside a Widget or html code:

      Notice the change made at the end of the focus code (instead of onfocus=”this.value=”;”, we have onfocus=”this.value=' ';”

      Remember that the focus code must be immediately to the right and inside the Value tag.

      Hope this helps.


  5. Hello, I used this script in an HTML, when I open it in the browser it works normal, but I want to send it by email to my clients, when I send it through outlook, the tracking field disappears, can someone help me?


  6. It's not working even on,
    This appears:

    Not Found

    The requested URL /pls/mails/txect01$.QueryList was not found on this server.
    Oracle-Application-Server-10g/ Oracle-HTTP-Server Server at ssvbr0123 Port 7777

  7. If I put an image in place of Submit it doesn't work.
    the current is

    It works perfectly, but if I put it
    doesn't work for nothing.

  8. Hello guys, I saw a lot of people asking for the code with the “ONFOCUS” option included, and I didn't see an answer regarding that. So I will provide the code with the option already added.

    Here's the code:

    Att. Gleydson Pereira
    Graphic designer

  9. Please give us a way of tracking that allows us to access, so your sales would be easier and faster. Thank you. I await news.

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