Simplified Truth table rules

tabelas verdade
truth tables

I recently posted an article about the Table of Truth with explanation, images and video.

I will now post the rules of the truth table in a simplified way.

Logical values of the connectors

Negative Connective (')

p - q '= This rule is simple, the (') does the negation. Ex: José is a bricklayer, in denial: José is not a bricklayer

Conjective connective “e” symbol (.)

P . q will only be a proposition true when V (p) = V (q) = 1, in other cases it is false

Connective of Disjunction “or” symbol (+)

p + q will only be a proposition false when V (p) = V (q) = 0, in other cases they will be true

Conditional Connective “If… then…” symbol (→)

small will be a proposition false when V (p) = 1 and V (q) = 0, being true in the other cases

Biconditional conective “… if and only if…” symbol (↔)

small will be a proposition true when V (p) = V (q) and false, when V (p) ≠ V (q)

See the other post on the Truth Table

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