Do you want to innovate? Copy it!

Looking at the PME section of Estadão, an article caught my attention. The title of the article is Innovation is “Want to innovate? Copy!”

Innovation an enigma for many entrepreneurs and companies, innovation was something of the genius of Steve Jobs that's why he was so successful. Not seeing this prevents many from becoming more innovative.

Taking Jobs himself as a reference, he repeated something that had been said by one of his inspirational characters, Pablo Picasso.

Picasso said that

 "good artists copy, great artists steal (in a good way, of course)!"

Picasso's aggressive phrase is softened in another by Isaac Newton, which said

“if I could see further, it's because I was on the shoulders of giants”.

In this case, Newton's giants were Galileo Galilei and Johannes Kepler.

The innovation logic of Jobs, Picasso and Newton says that it is necessary to start with great references to go beyond what was already seen then. Seen in this way, it makes no sense for entrepreneurs to start from “zero”….

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