How Much Is MC Kevin's Fortune Worth

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MC Kevin had a wife and a 5 year old son, but contrary to what many say, MC Kevin did not have a wife, but a bride, this story you can see through the link in the description of this video “MC Kevin was not married” .

Going back to talking about MC Heritage:
According to the chord website MC Kevin had a fee of 50 thousand raises per show, and earned around 400 thousand reais per month.

In September 2020 he appears with a Porsche 911 year 2020 valued at more than 500 thousand reais.,

MC Kevin had a mansion located in a high standard condominium and boasted on social media.

Not to mention the rand rover, a hornet and other goods that he made a point of displaying.

According to what was said by Ana Maria Braga in the program more you aired on May 19, the singer's music on digital platforms has already added more than 1 billion views, which alone have already yielded a good fortune for the MC.

Now let's try to calculate over what would be the value of the MC's fortune just with this information:

MC Kevin began his career in 2013, one of his most successful songs “Vera Cruz” was released in 2016, even so we will only use the last two years of MC activity as a calculation.


400 thousand per month with shows x 2 years = with show alone generated around 9 million

According to an article published on the Tecmundo website, 1bilkhão of view on YouTube generates 2 million dollars in published, which in reais converted 10 million.


With all this information, you can already have an idea of MC Kevin's fortune.

All this information was consulted from sources that are in the description of this video.


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