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As soon as I got home from lunch, I went to check my messages and saw a video about VW's Goal. I was outraged by the article, but as I usually don't believe everything they post, I decided to do a little investigation of about 20 minutes.

The video sells the idea that the Brazilian government exploits the Brazilian a lot through taxes on cars, and that the Gol manufactured and sold in Brazil is extremely expensive compared to other countries, the same car is much cheaper.

We will see:

VW Gol 2013 price in Mexico

Visit the link to view versions and values: http://www.proyectar.com.mx/volkswagen/gol.htm
Visit the website to quote the currency http://www.forexticket.com.br/pt/moeda/conversor-MXN-BRL

  • Goal Trendline 5 Ptas. R$19,202.67
  • Goal Trendline 5 Ptas. Dir Hid A/A R$22,526.51
  • Goal Trendline 5 Ptas. Dir Hid A/A / Paq. security R$25,009.78
  • Comfortline Goal 5 Ptas. R$24,968.19
  • Comfortline Goal 5 Ptas. Paq. security R$27,451.62
  • Goal GT 5 Ptas. R$27,173.59
  • Goal GT 5 Ptas. Paq. security R$29,657.02

VW Gol 2013 price in Brazil

Here in Brazil, according to a table published on the website Car.Blog you prices of the new Goal 2013 are as follows:

  • VW Goal 1.0 2013 – R$ 27,990
  • VW Goal 1.6 2013 – R$ 31,890
  • VW Gol 1.6 I-Motion 2013 – R$ 34,490
  • VW Gol Power 1.6 2013 – R$ 38,290
  • VW Gol Power 1.6 I-Motion 2013 – R$ 40,890

After doing this research, I say that really, the Brazilian government is…. (ps, I'll let you complete this sentence 🙂 

See the video

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