Eight technologies that can change the world by 2020


Artificial intelligence

The first big bet is artificial intelligence, which is already a trend among Silicon Valley companies. For Totvs, the future will be shaped by the combination of software, data and artificial intelligence. As a result, sectors such as healthcare, financial services, manufacturing and retail must undergo significant transformations, bringing benefits to consumers.

An example of the current stage of artificial intelligence is the AlphaGo software, by Deep Mind (a Google company). He recently defeated the world champion of Go 4-1, a strategy game more complex than chess.


3d printer

The 3D printer, a creation of 1984, has yet to change some processes in today's world. Bioprinting of limbs for the human body for the creation of prostheses or transplants is expected to increase by 2020.

For product manufacturing, a lot can change. Companies like Nike and Adidas, for example, have already announced that their shoes will be able to be printed in 3D soon.



Bitcoins and Blockchain

The virtual currency called Bitcoin is another technology that is expected to change the world in the coming years. Instead of having a financial institution responsible for the transactions, all currency exchanges are in the Blockchain virtual logbook. It is a database of distributed transactions created to secure the use of virtual currencies, Bitcoins. Thanks to him, virtual coins cannot be counterfeited.

“The tool solves an old problem in the financial market: registering assets, keeping them updated and making them available to regulatory bodies, and should change the entire sector.”, according to Totvs.

As a result, the company anticipates the adoption of Blockchain on a broader scale in the coming years. size_810_16_9_bitcoin


autonomous cars

The deadline for launching many autonomous cars from large automakers is the year 2020. However, this technology should only be adopted en masse from 2025, evaluates Totvs.

A predictive study by IHS Automotive, a consultancy for the auto industry, says that people will no longer need to get their hands on a car steering wheel by the year 2050.

Today, companies like Tesla and Google already have cars that partially drive themselves.




Robotics must automate even more processes in the near future. Despite taking some jobs, robotics should make room for new professional categories that are increasingly strategic. "A very current example is the automated service in customer service centers," according to Totvs.

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Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

While virtual reality puts the user of devices such as the Oculus Rift in a totally virtual environment, with which it is not possible to interact physically – except through head movements –, augmented reality brings elements from the virtual world to the real world , as some apps already do, by, for example, placing a dinosaur in the middle of your living room.

These two technologies are seen as trends by Totvs and they can bring improvements to the education and tourism sectors.




Biotechnology should help reduce the environmental impact of human production, as well as help meet global demands more safely. Totvs cites examples from the pharmaceutical industry, which is currently developing more efficient medicines, and from textiles, which uses felt, a fabric that does not catch fire.

The company sees biotechnology as a trend even for the Brazilian market. “There are companies in Brazil investing in research in the biotechnology area. One point that has helped a lot is the reduction in the cost of conducting research in this area. The forecast is that by 2018 it will be cheaper to decode a person's genome than to buy a piece of pizza”, declared Goetten.



Computing, Networks and the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things, the name used by industry experts for the industry's movement to put Wi-Fi in products that were previously not connected to the network, will bring benefits to several areas, such as logistics and mapping. According to Totvs, for example, agricultural regions may be mapped by drones and all information will be available to companies.

"The most important thing, given all these changes, is to be prepared for the transformations that are to come, because sooner or later, one of these technologies, or several of them, will impact part of your company or even your personal routine" , concludes Goetten.


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