What does law mean


Law is a social and legal science, it has, par excellence, first, to study
the individual who was born within a context or territorial base, receiving their culture, customs, beliefs and religions from that place; as a result, their legal rules differ from one country to another.

In second, discipline him in the orientation of the good, (ethical), to be correct, fair, in the fulfillment of these norms (morality), and in the practical exercise of morality (morality), in the protection of his honor, (personal attribute of the man).

In third, given this cultural evolution of man, it is necessary to have the evolution of Law, striving for the protection of their rights, forcing them to fulfill their duties, obligations and honor their responsibilities, in the consolidation of this harmony
and social peace among its cohabitants.

In a unique way, used in popular jargon, "the right of one ends where the right of the other begins". This other has to have a decent life in the same way that
mine should be.

Law applied to computing
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