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It is an operating system derived from Ubuntu that is open source, being built on the Linux kernel. The name is a combination of the KDE letter, which is a graphical interface, plus the word Ubuntu, resulting in the name Kubuntu.

Kubuntu, therefore, is an official Ubuntu derivative, meaning it uses the same base system and architecture as Ubuntu. The main difference is that Kubuntu uses the graphical user interface (GUI - Graphical User Interface) named KDE, instead of GNOME, which is used by Ubuntu.

Meaning of the word Kubuntu

Ubuntu is a word of African origin that means: “Humanity for others” or even “I am what I am for what we are”. Linux Ubuntu brings the concept of that word. Kubuntu is the concatenation of the letter K of KDE, which is the graphical interface, plus the word Ubuntu, resulting in the name Kubuntu.

Choice of name and versions

A new version of Kubuntu is released every 06 months. Version numbers are given based on the release date of the version, for example, version 5.04 was released in April 2004, therefore 5(month) +04(year) making 5.04.

There is a pattern for the names, the pattern is “The (o in Portuguese) + name of an animal + adjective of that animal”, for example, the name of version 5.04 is “The Hoary Hedgehog” (“The Grisalho Hedgehog” in Portuguese ), ie “O + Hedgehog + Gray”.

Download Kubuntu 32bits 64bits

Below is the page link for Ubuntu Desktop Download Options 32bits and 64bits.

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