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The Invoice Issued by does not specify the domain name in its description. This may seem insignificant for someone who has one or two domains, but it can be a nightmare for someone who has dozens of domains and needs to separate the Invoices.

Imagine you have 30 invoices, and need to locate the Invoice for a certain domain? This would be easy to solve if included in the description of the Invoice the name of the Domain to which the note belongs.

We contacted to see this issue, and they sent a justification, see:

NIC.BR does not discriminate the domain name in the electronic invoice
issued by the city of São Paulo, because it understands that it is a
confidential information, pertaining only to the domain holder. of this
way, the data cannot be transferred to the base of the city hall,
for issuance of Nf-e.

We inform, however, that in the breakdown of notes there is a number of
invoice (fat), and this number is related to the number of bills,
where the domain name appears.

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  1. The is correct. It is up to the payer to manage their payments.
    The company I work for made an ERP to facilitate this type of management.

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