Mercenary or Missionary

John Doerr is a North American investor and billionaire according to Forbes magazine. He earned an MBA at Harvard in 1976. John Doerr is known for his bold investments in companies such as Compaq, Netscape, Symantec, Sun Microsystems,,, Intuit, Macromedia and Google, among others. He is currently on the board of several companies: Zynga, Google, Amyris Biotech, Bloom Energy, Coursera, Essence Healthcare, Flipboard, among others.

But what made John Doerr such a lucky investor? Luck??? Well, actually the correct word is not “Luck”, according to an article published in PME Estadão, John Doerr knows the profile of a successful entrepreneur. He developed a rationale for identifying entrepreneurs who lead businesses with high growth potential. For him, the more the entrepreneur seeks money, the further away from it. Mercenary entrepreneurs may even be successful in the short term, but they will have problems in the future, even if they are crises of conscience.

John Doerr invests in Missionary entrepreneurs.

For Doerr, if you are going to invest in companies, choose those led by missionary entrepreneurs, who want to take their passion to as many people as possible.

Are you a mercenary entrepreneur or a missionary?
you are moved by direction, focus Passion
You are more opportunistic Strategic
It's more geared towards Speech (pitch), business The big idea, partnerships
believes a business is Sprint, sprint marathon long run
You are more obsessed with competition customer obsessed
People believe you are more aristocratic, want to rule Meritocratic, best idea wins
have more interest financial statements Mission, Values
People think you're one more Wolf Pack Chief Mentor, Team Instructor
Your main objective with the business is to Retirement Contribution to a better world
What do you want with your business? Make money have meaning
It's important for you to have Success Meaning
Source: DOERR, John. Mercenaries and Missionaries (2005). Available in

John Doerr's reflection is important so that you don't throw yourself off the bridge in the face of your company's difficulties.

The mercenary entrepreneur leads a pitiful little life. For the missionary, everything is worth it if life is not small.

What type of entrepreneur are you? Mercenary or Missionary? There is still time to review your concepts.

Good luck.

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