Means of data transmission


Data transmission means are used to transmit data between a transmitter and receiver. Let's meet some of them:

Wired / Network / Cables

twisted pair

This type of cable is widely used for data transmission between computers. The twisted pair is a generally blue cable, with 8 wires, and the wires are twisted two by two. As soon as the waves pass through the wires, an electromagnetic field is created around them, thus creating an interference, to solve this problem the parts are twisted, because by braiding a pair of wires, the field of one wire cancels out the other.

For the cable to work, a connector called RJ-45 is clipped on both ends, with this connector you can connect the twisted pair in the receiver and transmitter.

A big disadvantage of this wire is the data transmission limit, which is 100M.

Twisted pair is the cheapest and most economical transmission medium of wired media.

Coaxial cable

Coaxial cable is generally used for transmitting digital and analog signals. The coaxial cable has a copper wire inside, this wire is covered by an insulator, on top there is another insulator and finally there is the wire cover.

Wireless / Known with wireless

radio waves

These are low and high frequency waves. These waves have the ability to travel through walls of buildings and are able to travel long distances.

Radio waves are omnidirectional, meaning they go all over the place and neither the transmitter nor the receiver need to be aligned with each other.

Radio wave signals can be trapped by rain or water.


They are 100Mhz waves and easy to be captured. Transmitter and receiver must be aligned to function accurately. They are capable of running at 10Ghz speed.

infrared waves

They are short waves used on a large scale. You do not cross solid objects, on the other hand, they do not interfere with other devices.


They are great microwave repeaters. A great advantage of satellites is the ability to reach remote regions, but it has a very high cost.

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