Roblox Studio City Map

Creating a map in Roblox Studio Part 1 #fb_roblox 15

We started the development of a shooting game called "Destroy the deadly Enemy" using the "Suburban" map.

Guys this map is really cool! We visited everywhere and discovered houses, shops, parks, garages, gas stations and more!

We tested the garages with two big cars: Bugatti and Dex Soccer.

At the gas station you can visit the convenience store and pick up jars that I don't know how to serve, but you can pick them up šŸ™‚

You will find single storey house and townhouse. It has a furnished house, with all the furniture, and an empty house that you can furnish your way.

The furnished house has it all:
- In the living room you will find a sofa, table, fireplace that can be lit, and even a piano.
- In the kitchen, refrigerator, stove, and items can be connected.
- In the bedrooms you will find a bed, wardrobe and in the suite (bathrooms) you can turn on the taps.
- In the garage you can open it to store the cars.

But the most fun place we know was the amusement park, where you can play wheel, slide and much more.

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