RL CRAFT Survival Manual How to Survive on RL CRAFT Ep2

Tip 1 – How to stay warm # 1
In Rlcraft the cold can kill you and fast! You need to warm up as soon as possible. For that, I suggest you invest some of your wool and make a wool suit.

Your wool suit is perfect to wear in winter. You never know when you might encounter a cold biome; you can also carry it with you wherever you go.

Tip 2 – Central Heating
Continuing with the theme of keeping warm, I look at how to build a simple heating system for your base. You may not want to always wear your wool suit while wandering around your base. Why not use some lava and make a very simple and inexpensive heating system.

Tip 3 – Fast and Cheap Healing
The world of RLCraft can be a difficult place. There are mobs around every corner and you never know when you might take some damage. How about cooking a special kind of meat that gives you regeneration. I show you which creature you need to kill to get the right kind of meat.

Tip 4 – Get XP Fast and Easy
The skill system in RLCraft requires you to keep earning and spending experience. Gaining XP by killing mobs can be very dangerous. There is a much safer and simpler way to level up. I show you how you can level up quickly from the comfort of your own base.

Tip 5 – Keeping track of your exploration
I don't know about you, but without coordinates, I'm always getting lost. Luckily there is something that can really help and no I am not talking about the compass. There is a special book that shows you where you've been and also allows you to place bookmarks.

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