Survival Manual on RL CRAFT How to Survive on RL CRAFT Ep1

RL Craft has been dubbed the most difficult minecraft mod you have ever played. It was released on January 10, 2018 by Shivaxi. The RL in RLCraft means Real Life or Realism and reflects Shivaxis' goal of creating a more realistic and dangerous Minecraft. Obviously, mythical creatures and destroyed world physics are not yet very realistic, but the struggle for survival really is.

This video aims to provide 5 quick survival tips to help you live a little longer and, hopefully, establish a foundation of some kind.

In this RLCraft quick guide, we cover:

Tip 1: how to build a fire and stay warm

You can spawn in a snow or ice biome. If you don't get warm quickly, you will die. In the video, we will show you how to build a very simple fire with just stones, logs and kindling.

Tip 2: how to light torches

Avid Minecraft players will certainly think they know everything about torches, but I guarantee that torches in RLCraft are different. Building a torch is not enough, you also need to light them. To do this, you need to create a matchbox. I show you how to do this.

Tip 3: how to make weapons

With so many mobs around, you need a weapon. Your first thought may be to make a sword, but wait. There are weapons that are just as simple to manufacture, but do more damage and have a longer range. I show you how to build one of these weapons.

Tip 4: how to heal

Eating at RLCraft is not enough to heal yourself. You can sleep to heal, but neither can you. I show you the easiest way to heal in the first days of spawning.

Tip 5: how to transport water and how to purify water

In RLCRaft you need to keep an eye on your thirst, if it gets too low, your vision is blurred and life becomes much more difficult. I show you how you can carry water with you and also how to clean your water so you don't have to keep drinking contaminated water.

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