Place where No Limite Edition 2021 will be held

The recordings take place in the fictional Brava Beach. The region is very varied, as it has a beach, cliff, dunes and areas that resemble the desert. In addition to abundant vegetation. That is, a full plate for adventures.

According to an article published on UOL website, NO LIMITE 5 will be recorded on the beach “Barra da Sucatinga Beberibe in Ceará”

In 2021 Globo will show Game No Limite 5, and in this video we will talk about the location where the recordings of this edition were made.

And for that we will take off from the international airport of Fortaleza, Pinto Martins, as pilot of a Helice Diamond AirCraft DV20, we will fly to the region of Beberibe, and there we will fly over the whole region where the recordings of at the limit 5 were made .

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The first edition, which aired in 2000, was held in Aquiraz at the Ceara

The second edition launched in 2001, was held at Chapada dos Ventos, in the Mato Grosso,

The third edition, still in 2001, was held at Marajó Island, For.


The limit is based on the American program known worldwide as Mark Burnett's Survivor.

Mark Burnett accused the Brazilian program of having copied the America version, and because of that the program was canceled.

In 2009, after regularizing the situation, the program was shown again. At limit 4, it was carried out in Trairi, Ceara, however this edition was a hearing failure, which again resulted in the program being canceled.


In 2021 Boninho decides to exhibit No Limite again, only this time with something new, all the participants of the season are ex-participants of Big Brother Brasil.

Limite 5 takes place in the same state in which versions 1 and 4 were recorded, on the beach “Barra da Sucatinga Beberibe in Ceará”.

The state of Ceará will have something special that makes it the preferred location for recordings on the edge, as this is the third time that this region has been chosen for recording editions.




The state of Ceará is known nationally for the beauty of its Coast

The coastal region is 573 km long, with predominance of mangroves and sand bars, typical coastal vegetation, in addition to areas without vegetation covered by dunes.[94]

The coastal plain has diversified geography, which means that the state has many beaches with coconut trees, dunes, barriers (also called cliffs) - sedimentary walls that accompany the strip of the coast and, in some stretches, have colored tones - and flooded areas of mangrove, in which there is great biodiversity.

One of beaches most famous in Ceará is Praia de Jericoacoara that stands out for having achieved international fame.

The location of the No Limite 5 recordings is between two well-known tourist spots in the city: broken Canoe and Porto das Dunas in Aquiraz, city that houses the Beach Park, the biggest water park gives Latin America

In Ceará, temperatures are always high, with temperatures exceeding 35ºC on the coast. The wettest months are usually between March and May.


Sucatinga bar

Barra da sucatinga is located in the northern region of Ceará, is part of the city of Beberibe with an estimated population of 50 thousand inhabitants.

Beberibe attracts many tourists all year round especially for its beautiful beaches, among which stand out the Morro Branco Beach and the Fontes Beach.

Due to its paradisiacal scenarios,[3] filming of the soap opera Tropicaliente, in 1994,[4] and first edition of the program On the edge, in 2000.


In 2000, when the first No Limite was shown, Sucatinga had no more than 500 inhabitants and no cell phone signal, the place grew a lot, gained infrastructure for tourists and even has an inn in honor of the program.


Residencial No Limite is in front of the beach and very close to the location of the recordings, it is there that part of the production team of the reality show is hosted, the other part of the team is hosted at Pousada da Barra.


The management team is a little further away, at the “Coliseum Beach Resort”, on a neighboring beach 30 minutes from the location of the recordings. This hotel has a daily rate that exceeds R$ 1 thousand.




Coast of Ceará


Game records

More often with immunityOsmar Guesser4Three times[18]
Most often immune in tribeGilson Alves45 times[19]
Sandi Ramalho[19]
India Soares
Marcelo Guimarães
Osmar Guesser
Alexandre Simões
Gabriela Costa
Older championLuciana Araujo438 years
Youngest championLeo Rassi223 years[20]
Most voted in the same editionFelipe José419 votes
Most voted deletedRafão Matos49 votes[21]
Faster eliminationHilca Maria13 days[22]
Leon Ramos2
Tânia Bisteka3
Faster withdrawalDenise Oliveira411 days
Sibele Maciel
Faster disqualificationLhitts Maciel212 days
Older participantIlma Arakawa154 years
Ronaldo Martins4
Younger participantGiven218 years

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