Juliette wanted to pursue a singing career

Juliette was one of the biggest successful phenomenon in all versions of the BBB, a big proof of this are her social networks that attracted millions of followers.

On Instagram it has already reached the mark of almost 30 million followers, coming close to people like Wesley Safadão, and former BBB Champion Sabrina Satto.

In interviews Juliette says she doesn't believe in the size of the success and says that all this for her is still a dream.

Juliette was also successful as a singer and her performance inside the house attracted millions of likes. Songs sung by Juliette at the house quickly became the most sought after on digital platforms: Caetano Veloso, Maria Gadú, Marilia Mendonça, Cassia Eller, Daniel, Jorge Mateus, Gabriel Diniz, “Deus Me Projeta by Chico Cessar”.

But in the beginning it was just like that, 09 years ago Juliette tried to pursue a singing career, but at the time she wasn't very successful, and she came to abandon her dream to follow other paths.

After participating in the 21st edition of BBB, his story changed, and all his musical talent was shown to Brazil. Today, several established artists have already made invitations to record with Juliette, and she even received an offer to become the newest musical star.

See a moment where Juliette sings the song, this moment was recorded and published by Diogo Davison.

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