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Researching about OpenSource HelpDesk systems, after testing several, I chose HESK among some.

HESK is simple, lightweight, easy, practical and Easy to install. You can install HESK from the Cpanel panel or else download the HESK and install manually.

HESK by default is only available in English, however on the website you will find several translations, including the Brazilian Portuguese translation.

If you wish, you can download here the translation of HESK for Brazilian Portuguese.

Translation of HESK 2.5.0 to Brazilian Portuguese
Language: Brazilian Portuguese
Date: 07/05/2013
Author: Fabio Bmed
DOWNLOAD: http://www.fabiobmed.com.br/hesk-sistema-de-helpdesk-opensource/

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  1. Interesting information. Help desk software helps companies easily manage incidents, user interaction and other management tasks. Greetings.

  2. Fábio, I just installed the software and downloaded the files translated into Brazilian Portuguese, I leave here my gratitude for your effort, I was already 2 hours away from translating! thanks!

  3. Goodnight.

    I thought the system was excellent. Extremely easy to put into production.

    I would like to ask if the user interface is really open, that is, when accessing the default folder where I published the site, it is allowed for anyone to open a ticket, without requiring a password.

    Or if there is a way to create a login screen for the customer, where he can see his calls, control calls and progress, take his reports, etc.


      1. Fabio, I registered the client as an analyst (no admin privileges), so he can see your tickets. But I think it gets weird. Can you help us with client screen programming?

  4. Good morning,
    I unzipped the 'br.zip' and sent the 'br' folder inside Hesk's 'language' on my hosting server. It happens that when I access Hesk, it doesn't change the language and reports the following error:
    | — /br
    > text.php: ERROR
    > missing: text.php

    > /emails: ERROR
    > missing: /emails folder

    I don't know how to resolve these errors. Would you help me?

    1. Unzip the file into the Hesk root folder. Usually the hesk folder. If you deswcompactra in the language folder the folder structure will look like this:


      The structure has to stay:


  5. Guys would like to know if there is a script for the creation of the database, if not which fields should I create what types this was vacant for me, if someone can give me a light please.

  6. Dear,

    We need to implement a help desk system in our company, and I would like to know all the processes I need to have and implement, so that I can be running the hesk, for example.


      1. Good afternoon,


        I'm having the same problem in the translation, I've moved the database and the .php translation file but I can't solve the hesk version is 2.6.

  7. Good afternoon, I thought hesk was interesting, but when I download the package on the website
    and i will download it to my site which is in joomla
    says that the xml package is missing.
    how do I do?

  8. Hello Fabio, very good article!
    I met Hesk tb in my internet snooping and I make his words mine. Very light, practical and easy to use.

    Now let me ask you a question. Have you ever tried in any way to get the ticket list to be refreshed from time to time without having to refresh the entire page?

    I tried to make some adaptations using Ajax, jquery, javascript and etc and I couldn't do it at all. :/. If by any chance you know a solution that works in this sense and can help me I would appreciate it too much.

    1. Hi Max.
      Really the easiest way and refreshing the entire page, you can even insert a refresh with a timer.

      Although I've never tried it, via ajax I believe it's possible, but it will be a little laborious as you'll have to change a lot.

  9. Good Morning!!! Would you like to know if hesk information was stored on the company server or in the cloud?

  10. Sensational ! the translation helped me a lot, but when I use translated sending emails stops working, any ideas? Version 2.7.3


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