Standardization Groups and International Networking Standards

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Standards swear

They are approved by a formal and accredited standardization organization.

de facto standards

They arose without the formal planning of a standardization organization. They are developed through industry acceptance of a specific manufacturer's standard that is made public.

Owner Defaults

They are those developed in a manufacturer's specific way.

Consortia patterns

They result from a formal planning process. Standards arise from a group of manufacturers who form a consortium with a common goal.

Standardization Groups

ITU - A United Nations body whose mission is to create rules for international standards:

  • ITU-R: Radio comunication
  • ITU-T: Telecommunications
  • ITU-D: Development

ISO(ITU-T Member): International Standards Organization or International Organization for Standardization. Agency responsible for publishing international standards, whose members are international standardization organizations, including ABNT, the Brazilian Association of Technical Standards.

 IEEE – Institute of Electrical ad Electronics Engineers or Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. Institution responsible for creating standards in the areas of electrical engineering and information technology.

ANSI – AMerican National Standards Institute or American National Institute of Standardization. Agency responsible for creating industrial standards in the area of Digital data communication.

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