Optical fiber

fibra óptica
optical fiber

Fiber Optic Cables are cables capable of transmitting light beams at a speed close to the speed of light. Optimal fiber cables are an advanced data transmission medium capable of transmitting data at extremely high speeds.

Optical fiber cables are made of fiberglass coated with a plastic shield we call a shell.

When we insert the transmitter, the cable and the receiver on the other side, we have a unidirectional transmission.

Fiber optic cable transmission can be step multimode, stepwise multimode, and singlemode.

Multimode step

The diameter is larger, around 200µn, the electromagnetic impulses are transmitted in light beams inside the silica tube. The light beams travel inside the tube and along the path they experience signal distortion.

Gradual Multimode

In this mode the diameter is a little smaller, around 100µn. The beams of light travel through everything, and there is little distortion.

single mode

In this mode, the diameter is much smaller, around 50µn, the light beam travels through the tube practically in a straight line, not suffering much interference.

Fiber optic cables are still a more expensive transmission medium, however they are capable of operating up to 30,000Ghz.

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