In Information Security what does CIDAL mean


In Information Security what does CIDAL mean

The basic concept of information security brings together five aspects:

  • Confidentiality
  • Integrity
  • Availability
  • Authenticity
  • Legality

Confidentiality – “Sf. Communication or order under confidentiality. C. reserved: to be read only by the person to whom it is addressed. ”Information security strives for data confidentiality, that is, the information should only be accessed by authorized persons, for example a customer's bank balance.

Integrity – “1 Whole, complete. 2 Straight, incorruptible. ” When we send or receive any type of information, we want that data to be true, that is, not to be altered by another person. For example, when we make a backup of a certain file, we want that backup to be a faithful copy of the original file and always remain that way.

Availability – "It is said that the goods can be delivered immediately to the buyer." All of our information is stored somewhere, nowadays almost everything on computers, now imagine that if you need certain information and when you access it, you can't because the server is unavailable, we can't let that happen.

Authenticity – “Worthy of faith or trust. Genuine." When we send some data we want to make sure it is sent to the correct receiver and when we receive it we want to make sure it was sent by the real sender. An example is the exchange of e-mails, we must guarantee the veracity of the sender and receiver.

Legality – “1 According to the law. 2 Regarding the law. 3 Prescribed by law. ” The use of computer and communication technology must be in accordance with the laws in force in the place or country.

Still in Information Security, see the technical security standards for companies:

  • NBR 1333, of 12/1990 - Physical access control to CPDs (Data Processing Center).
  • NBR 1334, of 12/1990 - Physical security criteria for data storage.
  • NBR 1335, of 07/1991 - Physical security of microcomputers and terminals in workstations.
  • NBR 10842 - Equipment for information technology and security requirements.

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