Overseas Data Center costs will be up to 40% more expensive


Interpretative Declaratory Act RFB 07/14 published in August 2014 by the federal government, aimed at those who host servers in data centers abroad, deals with the tax implications applied on infrastructure contracts abroad for storage and data processing for remote access, that is, when hiring Data Centers abroad.

From now on, it is necessary to collect several taxes when hiring servers abroad, which will increase up to 40% the hospitalization costs outside Brazil

Below is the complete table of taxes to be collected:

IRRF 15%
CIDE / Royalties10%
ISS2% to 5%
TOTAL36.25% to 39.25%

See RFB Interpretative Declaratory Act No. 7, of August 15, 2014 at http://www.receita.fazenda.gov.br/Legislacao/AtosInterpretativos/2014/ADIRFB007.htm

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