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You might think that artificial intelligence (AI) is something new, but initial ideas about it go back to the 14th century, with the work of Ramon Llull, called Ars generalis last, where he discusses logic techniques for knowledge creation.

The term artificial intelligence as we know it today came from a proposal made by American researchers in 1955 with the aim of demonstrating how intelligence can be accurately described so that a machine can simulate it.

So it's not hard to see that this theme is not something that will impact our lives in the future, but something that is being used a lot right now. Large established public companies such as IBM, Facebook, Amazon, Alphabet and Samsung invest heavily in AI.

Do you remember when IBM's Deep Blue was able to beat champion Gary Kasparov in the 1997 rematch? Even if it was because of a bug, like discovered later, this achievement marked a new phase in the development of Artificial Intelligence. Now, 20 years later, IBM created Watson, a system capable of reading 40 million documents in 15 seconds, in addition to understanding the reading and context of what is written. He leaves Deep Blue to shame.

And AI's areas of operation are the most diverse, ranging from health and safety to finance and vehicle automation. There are a multitude of applications benefiting from mathematical algorithms. It's about these applications and the companies that develop them that you'll read about now.

Voice recognition

This technology is already used a lot in cars, smartphones and various other electronic devices. Allows you to make calls, change radio stations, etc. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Do you know that tedious task of calling the Customer Service of a company and having to type in passwords or give your full name, mother's name, preferred color, address, CPF so that you can be recognized? the Israeli NICE, whose shares are traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and Nasdaq, has a system that automatically recognizes your voice and makes it unnecessary to ask any more questions to know if it's you.

virtual assistants

Have you chatted with Siri from iPhone, Alexa from Amazon or Bixby from Samsung's brand new Galaxy S8? So you haven't seen anything yet. Get ready that Viv is coming. It is a very advanced system capable of helping you in many everyday tasks. Want an example? Let's say you want to go to a certain address. Nowadays, you can call a taxi, an Uber or go to the nearest station. With Viv, you simply say “I want to go to that place” and it already assesses where you are, the train, subway and bus stations, locates the apps' cars, taxis, assesses traffic and defines the best option. All in a matter of seconds.

Viv was created by the same inventors as Siri, which was bought by apple in 2010. They left Apple in 2012 and founded Viv, which was eventually bought by Samsung in 2016. Apple's shares are traded on Nasdaq and Samsung's on the Korean Stock Exchange and London. I think it is now easy to understand one of the competitive differentials of these mega corporations.


This type of technology makes the relationship between humans and machines more natural. It goes beyond tactile, voice or body movement recognition, it also understands your emotions. See how the American startup Affectiva, a company that was born at MIT, uses this tool to help advertising companies clicking on this link. It is another company that may be acquired in the future, or if it grows enough, it may even go public.

Deep learning platform

It's a learning system that uses neural networks. It aims to recognize patterns and determine rankings from a huge database. It is widely used in automated systems operating on stock exchanges, but also in medical diagnostics, face recognition and autonomous vehicles.

In a vehicle equipped with the nVidia, whose shares are traded on Nasdaq and which already rises over 216% in the last 12 months, you can take your hands off the wheel and relax. The car does everything by itself. The video of the system in operation is impressive:

Machine Learning Platforms

Have you ever wondered if machines, in addition to being programmed to perform various tasks, also had the ability to learn on their own to develop solutions to new problems? This is the evolution that machine learning brings.

You know that big companies like Kimberly Clark, Johnson & Johnson and Nestlé are spread around the world, right? But the products and lines they sell in each country are different. These analytical studies allow us to define the best mix of products based on consumer preferences in each location, as well as choose the best ways of dissemination and marketing. All this to drive sales.

And this is just one of the applications in this area where the Amazon, a Microsoft and other companies are investing.


This type of software allows the use of data to improve processes and workflow within organizations, saving resources and accelerating results. It can also be used to improve a company's relationship with its customers. the american Pegasystems, which has shares traded on Nasdaq that already rose more than 117% in the last 12 months, shows how artificial intelligence detects customer complaints on social networks and already contacts the person in order to serve them better:


These were just some of the applications that show how Artificial Intelligence has gone from being a small niche in the technology sector to impacting different areas of the industry. And look, many of these tools are just in their infancy.

What would be the demand for software that would recognize criminals entering your commercial establishment and already alert the police? Or someone who noticed you had left the oven on and turned it off by yourself? Or one that made the shower always pour water at your preferred temperature?

There are endless applications for Artificial Intelligence and many have not even hit the market yet. The fact is, the leaders in AI development are foreign startups that will one day go public or be acquired by the big companies like Alphabet, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook, which you can invest in today.

While Brazilian companies waste precious time calculating taxes and spend billions of reais on labor lawsuits and safety, foreign companies use their time to develop the future. So, it doesn't take any superhuman intelligence to figure out where it's best to invest.

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