Characteristic Confidence of a Successful Entrepreneur

confianca e perseveranca

Before talking about the successful entrepreneur, it is important to contextualize the meaning of the word success.

In my opinion, success is something personal, that is, it varies according to the characteristics and interests of each person. An entrepreneur may see success as synonymous with making a lot of money; another entrepreneur can feel success when he is recognized for what he does, becomes famous; another entrepreneur can experience success when he creates something different that will be useful to a large number of people, and so on. So, in general, we can say that a successful entrepreneur is one who achieves his goals, who feels happy to be doing what he wanted.

In more than a decade working with internet entrepreneurs, I had contact with the most varied profiles of entrepreneurs. Bold, insecure, calm, shy, risking everything, risking nothing… and so on, and many of them have succeeded in spite of their personal characteristics.

In other words, the so-called successful entrepreneur may have peculiar characteristics and even supposedly impeding a good performance as an entrepreneur and, despite this, achieving their goals.

The essential characteristic of the successful entrepreneur

But there is a characteristic that I have never failed to find in any successful entrepreneur: trust

The firm confidence that the business will work and that it will reach the desired destination, as well as the confidence that it is capable, is the foundation on which the entire enterprise is built and is the entrepreneur's source of energy. In the successful entrepreneur, the confidence that he will succeed is so strong that it can even be called “unshakeable faith in success”.'

How to Become a Successful Entrepreneur

The successful entrepreneur dreams of the future situation he wants and is confident that he can make that situation happen. This makes it possible to roll up our sleeves and start working hard, thinking, not about the difficulty, but about the future moment when he will achieve what he so longs for.

The successful entrepreneur overcomes barriers that could prevent him from reaching his destination, regardless of whether these barriers are personal, financial, market, real or imagined limitations. He prepares, learns, changes, evolves, falls and rises, and keeps trying and working hard in the established direction. What gives you strength to overcome this is your confidence that you can and will achieve your goal.

It is like a river that seeks the sea. It borders higher terrain, respects the terrain that cannot be changed, but goes around any type of obstacle and takes many turns, but, invariably, at some point it will reach its destination. The river's destiny is sea and the entrepreneur's destiny is success. And if he doesn't come, it's because the time hasn't come yet, but it will come one day! Just move on.

Author of the article: Dailton Felipini he holds a master's degree and a degree in business administration from Fundação Getúlio Vargas in São Paulo. Consultant e-commerce specialist, author of five books on ecommerce and website editor

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