Switching - Network connection and data transmission

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Switching Systems

Peer to Peer Networks

In this type of network, a message is transmitted between an X point and a Y point, that is, if it is necessary to transmit data between computer 1 to computer 5, the data must first pass through computers 2,3 and 4, eg:

Source CPU 1 › CPU 2 › CPU 3 › CPU 4 › CPU 5 › receiver

multipoint networks

In this type of network, computers share a single communication channel, and when a message is sent from one point X, this message is received by all other points.

Dedicated Connection

In dedicated connections, computers are turned on without interruption.

Switched Connections

In switched connections connections are maintained only when there is a data transmission

There are three transmission types in Switched Connections

Circuit switching

When you or your computer place a phone call, the telephone system's switching equipment looks for a physical path from your phone to the receiver's phone. This technique is called circuit switching. Communication via circuit switching involves three phases: Establishing the circuit; Transfer of information; Circuit disconnection.

Switching by message

When the computer wants to transmit, it adds a destination address and sends the message. This message will be transmitted over the peer-to-peer network. At each point, the entire message is received and the next path along the route is determined based on the destination address.

Switching by packet

The main difference is in the size of the message. Very large messages are broken into smaller packets. The package has a size limit.

The data we want to transform into information is processed in three ways.

Batch – processing carried out in batches;

Online – updated processing: information is processed at the time it is registered or requested.

realtime – immediate processing: online transactions whose processing immediately interferes with a subsequent action.

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