How to use the Cell Phone as a barcode reader for payment of slips on the Internet

If you usually pay consumer bills and bills over the internet, here's a very interesting tip to make your life easier. How to use the Cell Phone as a barcode reader for payment of bank slips on the Internet. For this to be possible you will need a cell phone with Android or IOS and WiFi.

The company CIGAM Management Software developed a Software and an Application that together capture the barcode by cell phone, and send it to the Internet Bank on your computer.

1st Download the Application Cigam Tickets Application through your cell phone

Click here to view the Google Play app page

Captura de Código de Barras pelo Celular
Bar Code Capture by Cell Phone

2nd Download the software Cigam Boletos on your computer

click here to download

Captura de código de barras no coputador
Barcode capture on computer

3rd On your computer, click on the field you want to paste the barcode

santander sem codigo

4º Open the Cigam Boletos Application, aim the cell phone camera at the barcode and click on capture.

aplicativo cigam boletos

5th In the app, click on the WiFi button, and the barcode will be pasted into the selected field

santander codigo

That's it, the barcode was pasted into your Internet Bank, now it's just a matter of verifying the data and confirming the payment.

Great option for those who waste a lot of time typing bar codes on consumer accounts and bank slips on the Internet Bank.

Below is an explanatory video on How to use the Cell Phone as a barcode reader for payment of bank slips on the Internet using the Cigam Boletos Software and Application.


Important: As this is software that deals with the financial part, I am NOT RESPONSIBLE for any problem that the software or application may cause. This is just a tip of an application and software I use, and it sped up my payments through Internet Bank.

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