How your friends can log onto your Aternos Server to play with you> Part 3

In the previous post we talked about how Create, Configure, Start and Connect on a server Aternos to play online over the Internet with any player in the world.

In this post we will show How your friends can log into your Aternal Server to play with you.



This post is a continuation of the article Minecraft: How to play network with friends in multiplayer mode > Internet > Aternos > Part 2

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how can your friends to enter in your Server Attentive to play with you?

This post is the third part of the series: “How to Play Networking with Friends in Minecraft Multiplayer Mode”.

Now comes the final part, which is all your friends logging onto your server to network play like you do in MultiPlayer mode.

1 – Remember those connection data you wrote down? If you don't remember, no problem, you can get this data again simply by entering the Server Aternos on the Server screen

2 – Now click on the optionTo connect“, will open a box like the one shown below.
Write down this information.

you will pass it on to your friend O IP.

3 – Ask all your friends to enter Minecraft mode Multiplayer
ATTENTION: You need to tell your friends which version of Minecraft you are playing, they will have to open Minecraft in exactly the same version.

4 – Still in Minecraft, within the optionMultiplayer", ask your friend to enter the option "Add server"

5 – Ask your friend to enter a “Server name”.
It can be any name just to identify.

In "Server address" ask for the your friend enter the IP address you wrote down and passed to him.

6 – If your friend enters the correct address, when clicking on “Finish”, the Multiplayer screen will show the server.

Now just select the server and click on "To enter"

READY! Now your friends will be able to play with you.

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Yes, this is possible through free public servers ready to go!

In the next post we'll talk about the server Taskercraft which is a public server, with thirteen amazing worlds ready for you to join and play with your friends, and you won't need to configure anything! Just enter the server, connect and play.

Guys, in the next post we will talk about how to play on the public server of taskcraft with any other player in the world over the Internet.

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