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In Minecraft it is possible to play in Solo mode (Alone) or in Multiplayer mode (with your friends). In this post I'll show you all the details and information for you to be able to play online with your friends in another city, state or country.

Now, if you want to play with any player from your street, neighborhood, city, state, country, or any other player in the world, in the universe, you are in the right place!

The series How to play network with friends in Minecraft multiplayer mode > Internet > Aternos is divided into three parts:

  1. How to CREATE the Aternos server to play Minecraft multiplayer with your friends - Part 1
  2. How to START and CONFIGURE the Minecraft Aternos server to play with your friends in MultiPlayer mode - Part 2
  3. How can your friends log into your Aternos Server to play with you? - Part 3

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We know that it is not possible for two people to play using the same computer. To play multiplayer you need two or more computers, that is, each player will have to have their computer or cell phone to play.


1 – Play over the Internet

This multiplayer game format allows you to play with any player anywhere in the world, as long as those players are connected to the internet. The technical term for this network structure is called WAN.

THE WAN covers a great physical distance.

the internet is the biggest WAN of the world.

Routers connect Local Home Networks to a WAN.

We are not going to use technical and difficult terms, for simplicity let's just call it INTERNET, or play over the INTERNET. If you want to know more about what it is WAN and other types of networks Click here.

2 – Minecraft Server

The server will be the main machine, the reference machine, the main Minecraft where all other players will connect to it.

For example, let's say that João and Maria want to play together:

John says
-Maria, let's play together? Let's build something together.
And Mary says:
– Okay, but I'm in another city! How can we play together?

John then says:
-Maria is easy, let's play through a server on the Internet

As explained in the post Minecraft: Networking with Friends in Multiplayer Mode > Home Network, João can be the SERVER for home/local networks.

For João to play with friends from another city, a game will be needed. WAN, but in this case it is not recommended to use John's machine as a Server for the following reasons:

  1. You will need to perform more advanced settings to open the machine as a server on the Internet
  2. As it is the Internet, the machine will be open to the world, consequently it will be vulnerable to hacker attacks (DDoS)
  3. Through the Internet many people in the world can connect to the computer and you will need a machine with a lot of resources

What we recommend in this case is to use public servers to play Minecraft in MultiPlayer mode over the Internet.

3 – Minecraft Public Servers

There are many public Minecraft servers, free or paid. In this post, let's talk about the server free publics Aternos for you to play Minecraft over the Internet with your friends.

Aternal - Minecraft Public Server

Aternal is without a doubt the BIGGER Minecraft public server in the world, with more than 36 MILLION users registered so far this article and with more than 50,000 active online players.

In the server Aternos it is possible to create Minecraft from scratch to play with your friends!

With Aternos you can create a custom Minecraft server to play with anyone in the world.

At Aternos you will have to configure your entire Minecraft server from scratch.

Like TO CREATE the Aternos server to play Minecraft multiplayer with your friends

Calm down, it's not difficult, below is the step by step to create and configure a server Aternos for you to play with your friends all over the world.

a – You need to create an account
It's very easy to create an Aternos account.
You can create an account through the link

b – Create an Aternal server
As soon as you complete the registration, Aternos will offer you the option of "CREATE A SERVER".

c – Click on the button "TO CREATE" as the image below.
You can create a server via the link:

1 – Create a server

Like START and TO SET UP the Minecraft Aternos server to play with your friends in MultiPlayer mode

The configuration of Aternos is VERY EASY, if you follow exactly the steps described here you will have no problems.

1 - As shown in the image below, after creating the account, enter the link or simply click the button "Servers"
It will open the screen with all the servers that you created in Aternos.
Click on the Server wanted.

2 - Click the button "Start" to bring the server online.
IMPORTANT: Note that in the lower right corner two Information appear: Software and Version. Make a note of this information.

3 - Aternos will ask for permission to send Notifications to you about the status of the server. We recommend that you click OK.

3 - We recommend that you click on the OK option

4 - Wait for the Aternos server to create the instance
Right now he is preparing and configuring Minecraft for you.

4 - Aternos will be preparing to start a Minecraft Instance

5 – This process can take up to 5 minutes, be patient
If 5 minutes have passed, close the browser and start again.

5 - This process takes a maximum of 5 minutes. Be patient.

6 - The sixth image shows the server Online.

6 - Ready, your server is online

Congratulations, your Minecraft server is Active.

But beware, you will only have 5 minutes to open Minecraft on your new server.

If no one enters within 5 minutes, the server will automatically shut down.

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Guys, in the next post don't miss the continuation of this post.

In the second part we will show How to connect to your Minecraft Aternos server

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