HOW TO START and CONFIGURE the Minecraft Aternos server> Part 2

In the previous post we talked about how To create a server Aternos to play online over the Internet with any player in the world.

In this post we will show How to START and CONFIGURE the Minecraft Aternos server to play with your friends in MultiPlayer mode


This post is a continuation of the article How to play network with friends in Minecraft multiplayer mode> Internet> Alternatives> Part 1

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Like START and TO SET UP the Minecraft Aternos server to play with your friends in MultiPlayer mode

The configuration of Aternos is VERY EASY, if you follow exactly the steps described here you will have no problems.

1 - As shown in the image below, after creating the account, enter the link or simply click the button "Servers"
It will open the screen with all the servers that you created in Aternos.
Click on the Server wanted.

2 - Click the button "Start" to bring the server online.
IMPORTANT: Note that in the lower right corner two Information appear: Software and Version. Make a note of this information.

3 - Aternos will ask for permission to send Notifications to you about the status of the server. We recommend that you click OK.

3 - We recommend that you click on the OK option

4 - Wait for the Aternos server to create the instance
Right now he is preparing and configuring Minecraft for you.

4 - Aternos will be preparing to start a Minecraft Instance

5 - This process can take up to 5 minutes, be patient
If 5 minutes have passed, close the browser and start again.

5 - This process takes a maximum of 5 minutes. Be patient.

6 - The sixth image shows the server Online.

6 - Ready, your server is online

Congratulations, your Minecraft server is Active.

But beware, you will only have 5 minutes to open Minecraft on your new server.

If no one enters within 5 minutes, the server will automatically shut down.

How to connect to your Minecraft Aternos server

Carefully follow the steps outlined below, otherwise you may have a problem connecting.

1 - As soon as the server start will present a screen like the screen in the image below:

2 - Click on the option "To connect" for you to view the connection data.
IP, Port and Dynamic IP.
Make a note of the IP.

3 - The TLauncher Installer runs versions of Minecraft Pirate.
IMPORTANT: Enter the Aternos options, and enable the option "Pirate" as shown in the image below:

4 - Open the Tlauncher (Click on here for step-by-step instructions on how to install TLaucher).
IMPORTANT: You need to choose and open Tlauncher in the same version as the Server, in our example we started Aternos Server in version 1.16.5, then TLauncher needs to be accessed in version 1.16.5 as shown in the image below.

You can choose any other version, however both the Server Aternos how much your TLauncher have to start on the same version of Minecraft.

5 - Click on the option "Multiplayer"

6 - Enter the address IP provided by Aternos, as shown in step 4.

- Server name: Enter a name for the server, it can be any name.

- Server address: Enter the server's IP.
In our example, the IP Server is

- Click on the button "Concluded

7 - On the screen Multiplayer, click on theServer, and then click To enter

8 – READY! Now just invite your friends to play with you over the network.


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