How to defeat Arce Illager in 13 seconds

Minecraft Dungeons is a strategy game, in which you need to make the correct combinations of weapons for each level and master you will face.

As you go through the levels, you will acquire weapons, armor and artifacts for your personal inventory.

Facing Arce Illager in the Tower of the Pinacle of Obsidia is not such a difficult task, but you will have to be very patient, because in addition to summoning various mobs, Arce Illager is teleporting to several different places. I faced ARce Illager at Difficulty VII, strength level 33 and normal difficulty.

My power was also level 33 and equipment and artifact power was 35 to 43. You will have three things to do: kill the MOBS: dodge the dominance orb beams, and reach for Arce Illager to attack it.

The weapons I used to fight Arce Illager were: Claymore Sword, Armor the Cloak of Summoning, and Beast Bow and Arrow of Ruin.

For artifacts I used the Screen Toten, Shock Dust and Deadly Hat Mushroom. See again in slow motion how I defeated the Arce Illager in just 13 seconds and 22 milliseconds.

The Claymore Sword is very slow but very powerful, but if you combine the Claymore Sword with Death Hat Mushroom you will create a fast and deadly sword!

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