How to Defeat Ender's Heart - Easy Strategy #fb_mined 33

This Ender is very annoying to get past, but there is a correct way you could get past him.

To get past the Ender you need to hide behind the column and wait for the time to face him. Watch how he behaves and when the ender's heart releases the rays you have to go back behind the column, if the ender's heart ray hits you it will take a lot of life.

Choose the artifact “Blurk Totem”, it gives you protection to face Ender's Heart, use the “Blurk Totem” while you shoot at Ender's heart.

You will also need patience.

There are times when Ender's heart goes crazy, crazy, releasing a lot of powers, when that happens stay behind the column, but be careful that behind the column he can still hit you.

Always wait for life and powers to fill up to face Ender's heart and when you're going to face “Ender's Heart”, activate the “Bulkboard Totem” and the “Fireworks Arrow”.

Don't try to get close to Ender's Heart, it won't do any good.

Another important tip is to go back to the bottom while you reload.

"Anteparo Totem" that will protect you from lightning and
“Arrow fireworks” to deal more damage with the arrow.

Stand behind the column, wait for the right moment, activate the Totem and Shoot the arrow, then go back behind the column.

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