In this post I will show you how to configure and play AMONG US on the XBOX, PS4 or GENERICO controller for PC.

For this you will need:

  • From a computer
  • Have a controller installed on the PC
  • Have Memu Play installed on your PC
  • Have the Among US game installed on the MemuPlay Emulator

Finally I will show you how to configure the controller to play Among US.

If you prefer, watch the video HOW TO PLAY AMONG US IN CONTROL. In it I explain in detail how to play among us in control.


It can be any computer, notebook or netbook that has the minimum requirements to run the MemuPlay Android Emulator.


Install the controller on the PC

You need to have a controller installed on the PC.

It can be any control: From XBox, PS4 or a generic control, the configuration works for any type of control, as long as the control is installed on the computer.

Installing the controller on your computer is very easy, usually the controllers are Plug and Play, that is, you simply connect the controller to the computer's USB port, and it will be installed.

How do I know if my controller is installed?

It's easy, on Windows:

  • Type the keys "WINDOWS + R", the "RUN" window will open
  • Enter exactly this command joy.cpl
  • The control properties box will open
  • Select the control and click properties.

See the images below:

Installing MEMU PLAY on the PC

Access the MEMU PLAY website, go to the DOWNLOAD menu, download and install.

Installation is very easy.

Among US installed on the MemuPlay Emulator

Installing the Among US game on MemuPlay is very easy, it is the same way that you install on Mobile. In MEMU PLAY open Google Play and install and Among US.

If you prefer, see how to install the free version of AMONG US with all pets released.


Configure the controller to play Among US

Within the MEMU PLAY Android emulator open the control configuration option. See in the image below where this option is.

As soon as you open the control configuration options in MEMU PLAY, just map the areas of the screen by clicking and dragging the button icons as shown in the image below.



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