The Roblox Studio Buildings

Creating a map in Roblox Studio Part 3 #fb_roblox 17

After choosing the Suburban Map, after defining the Sky (Sky), after defining the Ambience and the Lighting, we will now insert several buildings and other constructions into the game.

Guys we inserted several buildings, in addition to banks, bars, restaurants, stores, Shops Centers, Gas Stations and Hospitals.

Buildings: We have inserted several commercial, residential and buildings under construction.

Commercial Stores: We include Casas Bahia and Lojas Marabraz.

Banks: We insert the Caixa Econômica Federal.

Restaurants: We include McDonald's, Bob's Burger and Wendy's

Pharmacies: William's Pharmacy, Eckerd Pharmacy and Rite Aid Pharmacy

See how the map looks!

Map Suburban Roblox Studio,
roblox studio buildings,
roblox studio buildings,
roblox studio benches,
roblox studio bars,
roblox studio restaurants,
oblox studio stores,
Shops Centers roblox studio,
Gas stations roblox studio,
Roblox studio hospitals,
buildings under construction roblox studio,
Casas Bahia roblox studio,
Marabraz roblox studio stores,
Caixa Econômica Federal roblox studio,
McDonald's roblox studio,
Bob's Burger roblox studio,
Wendy's roblox studio,
William's Pharmacy roblox studio,
Eckerd Pharmacy roblox studio,
Rite Aid Pharmacy roblox studio

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