Arce Illager has Waiters and Chef | Altobloco Halls | Minecraft Dungeons GamePlay | #fb_mined 26

Arce Illager is having a party, and preparations have already started, our mission is to invade the castle, in addition to the common mobs like Zombies and Wizards, we will have to face the waiters and chef who are preparing the party.

We arrived at the abominable home of Arce Illager, the castle of Altobloco, the rooms are full of soldiers and sorcerers, we will have to stay alert and ready to attack. Let's find the great throne to face Arce Illager.

An Illager despised by his family left the world in search of a new life, on that journey he was humiliated by everyone he met. Overcome with hatred, walking aimlessly, he found a place where the “Orb of Dominance” was hidden. With this Orb he acquired powers and enslaved all the Illagers, forcing everyone to bow to him.

The world needs a savior!

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