11 free racing games for Android [video]

In futuristic games or in the middle of the mud, on a motorcycle or in a car, choose your game and step on it to leave all your opponents in the dust.

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Racing games are among the games most appreciated by people who have devices with the Android system. And if stepping hard and leaving all opponents in the dust has always made the crowd happy, being able to do that in free games is even more interesting.

With that in mind, we've put together this list where you can find 11 super fun Android racing games – and they won't cost you a penny of your rich buck.

In it we cover games of the most varied styles and with different types of matches, with sports cars, karts, futuristic vehicles or, if you prefer, two-wheeled machines — which will face complicated circuits full of mud. Check out!

Tiki Kart 3D


Tiki Kart 3D is a racing game that is very reminiscent of the classics from the Mario Kart franchise. Here, you control little dolls that drive karts at high speed, all through crazy circuits full of uphill, downhill and very sharp turns.

To win, you can use the items captured during races to blow up enemies, make them swirl in muddy puddles, or get extra speed with a super-powered turbo.

Extreme Formula


Extreme Formula is a futuristic racing game in which you can use various devices in the battle for victories. The game is full of ultra-tech elements, like cars that change during races or energy balls that can crash your vehicle in the middle of a race.

The disputes take place in several different scenarios, such as cities with circuits filled with lights or snow tracks that will demand a lot of skill from the driver. To evolve, earn Tech Points and buy new features for your car, making it even more powerful and competitive.

Real Racing 2

Here in Real Racing 2, as the name suggests, you will find a racing game focused on realistic and full of details disputes. In matches, you take the wheel of several incredible bolides that bring a jaw-dropping graphic whim.

GT Racing:Motor Academy Free+

Get driving licenses, win trophies and, one step after another, reach the main and most challenging categories of motorsport. In GT Racing: Motor Academy Free+, you find a game in the style of the classic Gran Turismo, in which every achievement must be battled and truly deserved.

Here you have a game capable of holding you for hours on end and that will make you more and more excited with each victory. The only problem with this game is how addictive it is, as GT Racing: Motor Academy Free+ will drain your device's battery!

Asphalt 5 HD FREE


Asphalt is one of the most famous franchises of games for mobile devices, and it's no wonder, because with each release the games in the series gain more features and news.

Asphalt 5 HD FREE is a free version of the fifth release and presents the opportunity for players to experience some of the speed and adrenaline brought by the game.

The game has several amazing experiences, taking you to the most different scenarios and putting you in the direction of true super machines.

Road Warrior: top free racing


Road Warrior: top free racing brings a different proposition than normally found in racing games. Here you shouldn't make curves or be careful with the layout, but perform maneuvers and blow up all the opponents you can.

Yes, if you are not faster than an opponent, then you can use other, more brutal means, like launching missiles, and make him disappear from your front. In addition, the game has nice graphics, lots of sounds of explosions and several alternative paths in each race, all in a different scheme and totally in two dimensions.

CrazXRacing Free

CrazXRacing Free is a game that has beautiful graphics, nice light effects and a lot of speed. In the game, you drive a very futuristic car and must overcome hairpin turns and many obstacles to reach victory. The game features 10 tracks in total and you need to unlock one by one to be able to race on all circuits.

Race, Stunt, Fight, Lite!


Anyone who had a Mega Drive is sure to remember one of the most fun games on the console: Road Rash. In the game, in addition to seeking first place in the disputes, it was also necessary to take down opponents from their motorcycles. Well then, Race, Stunt, Fight, Lite! brings that style to your laptop screen.

In the game, you must control the bike through the device's accelerometer and, using touches on the screen, you must accelerate, brake, do maneuvers and, to top it off, punch and kick your enemies on the track.

drag racing


Drag Racing is a simpler game, but no less addictive. Here you must buy a powerful machine and face other opponents in search of more money and also earn more respect from other runners.

In the game, you need to beat the “normal” cars to be able to face the bosses and level up. In addition, it is with the money earned in victories that you can buy powerful new and improvements, such as engines and tires.

2XL MX Offroad

2XL MX Offroad is a game for those who enjoy speeding through the mud and don't miss any chance of doing it on two wheels. In the game you control powerful bikes and you shouldn't be afraid of the big jumps between turns, found along the way.

Raging Thunder


Raging Thunder is one of the most downloaded racing games since the creation of the Android Market. The game, despite having some time on the road, still has cool graphics and lots of fun.

The best part is that, with the release of its sequel, the first game in the series is now free and gives you access to all game modes without having to reach into your pocket.


And then, in your opinion, was there any game missing? Don't miss the chance to leave your suggestion and also take the opportunity to brag about that unbeatable record you conquered by stepping foot in a game on this list! To the next!

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